Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The LOVE Project- 365 Days of LOVE

The holidays are behind us, and a New Year has emerged with the promise of hope and better days. In the past couple months I've been immersed with the release of EVIDENCE OF ANGELS. It's quite an experience to have the opportunity to create a book out of a profoundly personal and life- changing event. The book is a reflection of the journey I embarked upon after the death of a beloved friend. By writing and photographing this book I began a new journey. It is one thing to have an inspiration, even if given to you by the angels, and then bring it to life. Many angels, both ethereal and earthly supported me in its creation, and I am forever grateful for their kindness, inspiration and Love. I began another adventure on Sept. 29th, the day EVIDENCE OF ANGELS was released to the public. My intention for writing this book was to support others during their times of despair and grief. The message of the book is that we are never alone because we are surrounded by legions of angels.

Since the release of the book I've received many gifts to support me in learning new life lessons. The greatest gift is the awareness that in every moment I have the ability to choose a loving response to whatever external circumstances are happening in my life. A couple weeks ago I had an inspiration to begin The LOVE Project-365 Days on Face Book. Simply put, each day brings a new reflection or inspiration about Love. I felt the project would help me remember to choose Love and could help others as well.

I invite you to join The LOVE Project-365 Days