Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 362

Day 362- The LOVE Project

The best part of the LOVE Project besides spreading Light and Love is… I committed myself to a year of creating something about Love everyday and reading other people’s beautiful inspirations about Love. In essence, the moment I wake in the morning I ask my angels & spirit guides, “What would be the most beneficial thing I could post about Love today.” The answer comes surprising quickly.

For many years, the first thoughts I experienced in the morning were fearful. I’d wake to worried and chaotic thoughts buzzing inside my head. In fact, I used to worry about everything: work, money, love, and family, to name a few. It’s refreshing not to spend my life worrying, and being stuck in all the fear generated by negative thinking. It’s taken many years to reach a place of calm, and in the midst of difficult circumstances have the ability to change my perspective and energy from fearful to loving. Quite a gift indeed!

Let LOVE In.