Friday, December 4, 2009



What happens when someone dies? Are we alone in this world? Beginning with the death of a loved one, the first-person narrative takes us on a journey to discover the answer to these long-standing questions and in the process discovers angels amongst us: "I had seen angels in the library, in the park, at the fountain, almost everywhere I turned in the city. . ." The author researches angels and their purposes, from the Angel of Grief to the Angel of Winter, of Courage, of Healing, of Compassion, and so on. She collects stories from people throughout the city who have experienced angels, and hears messages as she creates photographs and conducts research. In her research, Scalora discovers that visions of angels have been associated with color throughout time, and her collection of photographs extends that association. The pictures are vibrantly colored, evoking an emotional reaction from the viewer tied with the ephemeral topic. In the tradition of her past work, most notably The Fairies (HarperTeen, 1999), Scalora blurs the line between fiction and nonfiction as she creates impressive photos of another world within the one we know. The text is short, but the photos hold viewers at each page so they can be studied. This is a beautiful book that will interest many—even those who aren't believers. Reviewer: Joyce Doyle