Friday, August 21, 2009


While sitting in the plane waiting to take off from JFK I looked out the window and noticed a bright orange butterfly fluttering above a tiny patch of grass on the runway. This seemed an unlikely place for a butterfly.  Immediately, I knew it was a message from above. Butterflies are symbols of transformation and beauty. The message that came to me is beauty is everywhere; even in the most unlikely places. This message supports me in remembering that no matter what is happening outside me, I can choose to find the perfection and beauty in every situation life presents to me. Which is the beauty of life. We always have a choice.


Jeff said...

Suza - You have an eye for an aesthetic which sees beyond the senses but includes the senses in its vision of beauty. The feminine energy of your images is of both the temporal and the infinite, and together they form the mythic mind in which both coalesce and from which an archetypal synthesis takes place, where beauty is perceived by the sensuous and the transcendent alike because both participate in the same ideal, although woven from different aesthetic threads.

I am so happy for you in the creation of this book. I can see how the book has opened new dimensions of beauty in your own unique expression of truth through your art form. Congrats to you!

Jeff Marlow