Monday, July 13, 2009


I wonder how many of us really listen when someone is speaking to us.

I was at a party recently and a friend was sharing an experience she had with me. While in the grocery store she noticed an old woman struggling to find a bottle in the spice rack. My friend asked the woman if she could help her find what she was searching for. The old woman said she was looking for paprika and it was difficult for her to read the small type on the bottles. After the spice was located the woman began to tell my friend about her life. They spent 45 minutes together in the store as the woman shared deep and meaningful reminiscences of her life. When old woman finished she thanked my friend for listening.  My friend shared her feelings of gratitude for the opportunity to simply listen.


I was touched by this story and it made me think about how often life feels too busy to stop and listen. 

We are always being sent messages from angels to support us in living to our highest potential.  This story was gift to remind me to stop and listen to the guidance and wisdom being shared with me everyday.