Thursday, July 9, 2009

Begin Today

Recently, I had an interesting conversation… a friend said, “Some artists have one great work in them and that’s it; while other artists are prolific…” I found this so fascinating because from a superficial point of view this is true but when I look deeper, from my soul’s perspective, I know everyone has boundless creativity and infinite possibilities to express themselves no matter what form of expression they choose. It is fear that holds a person back from giving their gifts fully. We all have gifts to share whether it is creating artwork, music, food, gardens, clothing, a business…or anything else that comes from your highest potential and loving self.

It is never too late to follow your bliss and reach for the stars; true courage is the strength to face your deepest fears of unworthiness and powerlessness by challenging the destructive thoughts that keep you trapped in a self-constructed prison of limitations and regrets. We were meant for something bigger: something magnificent: beckons of Light for all to see.

Begin today…


Anonymous said...

Thank you Suza for reminding me of my potential. With Love and Gratitude, Dolores